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How can you help support our ministry?

My name is Thiago McHertt, and I serve as a pastor at Igreja Protestante Reformada. We are a small congregation located in Joinville, in the South of Brazil. We are a candidate church to join the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches, under the guidance of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho.


I am 34 years old, have been married to Sara for 15 years, and we have 3 children. Sara is a full-time housewife and homeschooling mom, and produces materials to help Christian homeschooling families in Brazil. As for me, besides serving as a pastor, I work for a Reformed publishing house in Brazil called Monergismo as a translator and part of the editorial team. You can see some of my work at this link.

This tent-making arrangement is due to the fact that, being a small church, we lack the funds to fully support the pastoral work after other expenses, such as the costs of renting a space for worship. That is why, besides trusting the generosity of our church family, we have decided to invite support from our international brothers in the faith to help our ministry.

Prayer is the first way in which you can help. We sincerely covet your prayers, and we appreciate all your help on this front.

The second is to donate to help fund the ministry of our church. Considering pastoral, mercy and outreach, and facilities expenses, our annual budget is $17,500 USD. Due to the devaluation of our currency, a long term commitment is not necessary in order to make a difference. Even small, one-time gifts will be significant.

You may use the PayPal link below (also supports recurring donations), or you may use our Bitcoin address (bech32). Please note, as an unincorporated church in Brazil all donations are directed to a personal account under the supervision of our financial committee, which includes oversight from our sponsoring church (Christ Church, Moscow, ID).


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